Multi Sport - Pro

$275 Per Month

This membership entails 1:1 coaching for multi sport. 

It includes:

  • Personalized continuous training plan based on your personal goals, strengths, and weaknesses (with unlimited adjustments)
  • Includes all workouts for swim, bike, and run (including pace, heart rate, and power zones specific to you)
  • Coach analysis of each completed workout and feedback where necessary
  • Unlimited communication via email, phone, text, and Training Tilt platform
  • Ongoing Form/mechanics assessment and feedback (via submitted self-recorded video files)
  • Race strategy and planning
  • Includes access to the Training Tilt platform (which includes access to all workouts added during membership, Garmin or Strava data integration, mobile application access, and more)
  • Access to additional online athlete tools (e.g. race day hydration/nutrition planner, sweat rate tracker, Resting heart rate tracker, etc, via Google Sheets)
  • Member discounts for select vendors

$275 Per Month

Currency: US Dollar